Frequency change

Frequency change

Berichtdoor stereoplus » za 03 jan 2015, 22:58

A lot of people seem to find it difficult to change the settings on their receiver.
In the news tab of my website I posted how to step by step change the settings on most commonly used receivers here in Canada.
Hopefully that helps.
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Re: Frequency change

Berichtdoor fuifnummer » ma 05 jan 2015, 00:38

Very helpful, THANKS
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Re: Frequency change

Berichtdoor zeelander » ma 05 jan 2015, 02:52

Thanks Stereoplus,

Thanks for the tips.

-John- Calif. Bay Area
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Re: Frequency change

Berichtdoor liamshernce » wo 07 jan 2015, 01:52

Thanks fo much for the more than helpfull information. :D For home 2 us users we just changed our frequency but had a problem with pushing exit on the remote (since there is no exit). Once you done all the steps and need to exit ,walk up to your receiver push select and then get out with your remote and BVN is back.
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